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Pat e-mailed me with an idea to put up pictures featuring a series of up close shots of various cars. The intent here is to provide various references and experiences so as to enable those restoring these type of cars to do a better and more "correct" job. What a great idea!

NB. - A couple of items in the these photos are incorrect if one is concerned with being 100% authentic. Most admirers would not notice the faults but they would lose points in a concourse competition. Anyone who is seeking to produce a "concourse" quality restoration should purchase Bill Piggot's "Original Triumph TR2/3/3A" book for reference.  

T2's -TR3's-TR3A's and TR3B's
1955 TR2 "Newly discovered with original owner"
TR3 "Just Completed 5 year restoration"  Remo Frederiks
TR3B "In Process frame off restoration" - Craig Harris
TR3 "In Process frame off restoration" - Pat Leask
1960 TR3A "Almost complete" frame off restoration by John Burton  
1958 TR3A TS36890L - Ted
1959 TR3A 0TS57675L "Frame off restoration" - Barry Shefner
1957 TR3 TS15559L "Frame off restoration" - George Richardson
Pattengale Family TR2's 54/56/57 restoration
1959 TR3A TS54226L "Frame off restoration" - David Templeton


Original TR2, TR3, TR3A and TR3B Parts Catalogue

Triumph maintenance modification and Tuning manual
Correct Paint colors for various TR3A components
Tips for the restorer and stuff about repro parts
Terri Ann's TR3 website - Great info and a stickler for detail

TR4's - TR4A's

1962 Triumph TR4 - CT16260L(O)- Brian Sanborn
1966 TR4A "IRS" CTC/59297-L - Pat Leask

1962 TR4 "Frame off Restoration" (3 web pages) - Brad Kahler
1966 TR4A restoration - A Rohdes
TR4 Restoration - Dave Herr
1962 TR4 - CT16260L
1967 TR4A IRS Restoration - Adrio Tacer
The Michelotti TR Website

Paint codes and colors

PPG Paint mix codes for Triumph colors
Complete chart from ACME dated 1960 for Triumphs color chips, their names, and ACME code numbers.
DuPont, 1965 color chips, names, DuPont codes, Triumph color code numbers, and Triumph models on which that color was used.